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Hi @gladydaddy ! It's great to hear that you've improved since the picnic and that your best friend checked up on you! It really means a lot when you know there are people who care about you, doesn't it? 🥰 


Fingers crossed that you will only have limited contact with "Naomi and Anna" 🤞. I understand the anxiety that comes with anticipating seeing someone you're not comfortable with. But it really sounds like you're making good progress in moving forward, and baby steps is definitely a good thing since you're also allowing yourself enough time to process things. 


I'm not really qualified to give advice 😅 but one thing that I found that has helped me in moving forward from broken friendships was to concentrate on the other friendships I still have and to cultivate gratitude from that. This also meant that I was redirecting my energy to something more worthwhile and this is definitely something that you're doing already, based on your post.


Additionally, when I was going through a similar situation, I found that from time to time my sadness and anger would flare up from me reflecting on what happened. During this time, I would talk to my parents, friends and whoever I was comfortable with as a way to vent the emotions out. ♨️


But the most important thing is don't forget to take time for yourself!!!! 


I hope this helps and best of luck for your HSC and any of your future endeavours! 🍀

Who rated this post