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Hi @MelonSeal , sorry you're stressed about the future. It's scary when our peers are finishing their studies and we're not. If you don't like the school environment, do you think it can help to do your course online instead?


I think passion is a bit overrated, we may absolutely love something but when we have to do it for grades or for a job, it may seem wayyyyy less interesting. Most jobs will have something you like and something you don't. And your age when you graduate, or even whether or not you graduate, is not going to affect your future as much as people make it out to be. Some people I have worked with didn't finish uni and they are killing it at their job. Some people prefer to go to TAFE or trade school. Many of my uni friends are in their 30s/40s and some of them never studied before this degree. And not all people who graduate uni early will know what they're doing with their life. 


It's okay if you haven't figured out what you like yet. Most people don't know until they're well into their career. And I've found that delaying your studies or even not studying is way more common than I thought it was!


I hope things work out for you, and we're here for you if you ever want to talk or give us updates!



Who rated this post