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fear of full time loads / finding the right help for me :)

Hi Reach Out Team,


I was hoping to seek some advice on some issues that I've been experiencing.


Things are going so much better for me compared to lockdown days and even prior to lockdown when I was in high school and felt quite low. I have a packed week now with a journalism class, part time work at a zoo and sport sessions starting! I'm so happy because I was so eager to get my life started and finally be able to get involved into things. I left school feeling like I had not much of a pathway to pursue and I was never really involved in any extra curriculars growing up. However, Im finding it to be a bit strugglesome that I have places to be constantly, I feel like it would be OK if maybe my classes started later on in the day but they all start at 9:30am and it is 4 days a week. The content seems do able so far but I guess just having to attend to something every morning has been a big adjustment for me. I also tend to sleep quite late and this has always been a bad habit for me. I want to be able to stay consistent with a schedule so I can pursue what I like. Do you guys have any tips?


It has gotten me quite scared of the expectation of having to become a full time worker, with the regular 7am-5pm work schedule, I want to be able to flourish in a role where I contribute and create. But I get exhausted just thinking about it! 


Another question I wanted to raise was about finding a counsellor that is right for me. I realise I am at an age where I have so much going on, issues similar to the one Ive raised and also a lot of things that could be helpful to discuss with someone - such as growing up in a sole parent fam, being diagnosed with PCOS, etc. I was avoidant to make an appointment with one because I feel like it would cause me to fixate on my problems more. I also feel like I would feel stressed out knowing I have a time of date to go meet with someone and open up about personal topics.


I feel like right now finding a counsellor I could chat with over text would be a more comfortable way for me to open up, as well as a way that I can debrief everything thats in my head in an understandable way. I would like a counsellor that I could speak to weekly so they could get to know me too. Is there any place I could find support like this?






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