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thanks for sharing your hobbies @Anonymous 🍰🎨👨‍🌾


we share so many in common!! I love my bedtime lavender spray and planting lavender - although they seem to struggle when we have lots of rain. Do you have any tips for growing? 


I also love crystals, they're so pretty, and it's cool to have a little piece of the earth just hanging out in your bedroom haha. My favourite at the moment is rainbow opal quartz 👇


Angel Aura (Rainbow Opal) Quartz Crystal Cluster $40 US | Crystals,  Crystals minerals, Minerals and gemstones


One of my favourite places to watch the world go by is a coffee shop. I like to write and daydream while sipping on a coffee - I easily spend hours doing that. Also - I've always wanted to get into digital drawing. Did you teach yourself? 

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