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Hey @Daffodil_Moose


Sounds like youre really overwhelmed at the moment and no wonder, as exam time can be super stressful for everyone. I get the sense that your suffering from procrastination which is really common, leaving us essentially frozen and stuck as to how to move forward.


It does sound like youre doing the best you can even though i realise it may not feel like enough. Its great to hear that youve been going to the library with your friend as well as writing p a to do list - sometimes going to a dedicated space away from other distractions can be very helpful but im wondering whether there are still some distractions there.


Have you been able to tell your friend or anyone else how youre feeling? If not, what do you think maybe holding you back? Sometimes sharing our stress and frustration with someone we trust can take a weight off us.


There are some great tips on how to get stuff done here that i found that may be worth checking out. 


When we are overwhelmed, it can be hard to do anything at all especially when our to do list may have so many things on it. I wonder if youve considered covering up all but one thing on your to do list with a piece of paper, and just focusing on that one task. And perhaps prioritising using numbers which is the most urgent thing to focus on - covering all but that first thing. We can then often feel less overwhelmed when looking at the to do list.


We are here with you.

Who rated this post