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Hey @Daffodil_Moose sorry to hear you're going through that! School can be sooooooooo stressful!!!!


I've had that happen to me where I've looked at a worksheet and have been too overwhelmed to even start because my brain just shut down. When that happened, I really had to started focusing just on each sentence, each word, or even each letter. Take a breath.


The best thing I have to say is... please try to be kind to yourself! Easier said than done. But you're going through a really stressful time. You're doing the best you can. You deserve kindness. You deserve self-compassion. Because you are trying soooo hard during a really stressful and overwhelming time.


I know you won't be alone in feeling this way. The emotions you're feeling are very human.


You are doing better than you think with handling this. Be kind to yourself. All the best 💛

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