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High risk of heart disease, familial hypercholesterolemia

So I've recently taken a gene test and my doctor has said that I have been tested positive for a genetic disorder for familial hypercholesterolemia. This genetic disorder increases the risk of coronary heart disease at a younger age such as heart attack or stroke, and may lead to premature death if not properly treated or checked up. I have inherited this gene from my father, whom he had inherited it from his late father above. My mother and brother do not have the gene. 


As a person who eats fairly healthy than average, exercises on a regularly basis, does not drink or smoke, is not overweight, hearing this news has made felt anxious, defeatist, angry, like life has been a little unfair to me. This is because I generally do want to live a good and a long life. My mother, who does not tends to snack on a lot of unhealthy food like ice cream or potato chips, has a lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure than I do, which does come off as unfair.  


I have started taking some statin medication to help treat this disorder, however I have been experience a bit of side effects (headaches) which probably may have contributed to a bit of depression. 


I share this here because I do not have peers or friends where I can share and look for support. Aside from my father, I do not think anyone in my family would provide a right judgement to this situation.

Who rated this post