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AMAA : Ask an LGBTQIA+ friendly GP

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Hello friends! 🏳️‍🌈


We understand that going to a GP appointment can be pretty daunting sometimes, especially if you're part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Which can make it difficult to learn more about our bodies, physical health, and mental health. But we all deserve to feel comfortable talking to a professional and getting support when we need it 😊


Dr Kat is a queer friendly GP who has lots of wonderful LGBTQIA+ patients she cares for. She has kindly offered to answer any questions the ReachOut community has too! 🙌🏻

Maybe you want to know how to go about coming out to your GP? Or want to find out more about safe queer sex? Perhaps you want to know what the process of medical transition is? 

Pop your questions in the form below and we'll share Dr Kat's answers with you on 28th Feb 🌈


* All questions are anonymous. Dr Kat can't provide specific medical advice - keep your questions more general like the examples above ☝🏻



Who rated this post