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This is a great idea! @Stormy-RO
The last time I stood up for myself was last Thursday. So I've been using these skincare products (to get rid of my skin condition) since the start of this month and still am using them until my skin is completely cleared hopefully in a couple more weeks if not months. So basically these products have a smell/scent to it and I usually apply them when I'm in my room? So like whenever my mum comes into my room, she can easily notice the smell so at that point she knew that I was using something that she knew (in her opinion) that I wasn't suppose to use - actually she didn't want me to use any products out of fear that it can make my skin worse.
So when she started suspecting that I was using something I had to defend myself by lying to her saying that I don't even use anything etc. Etc. because I didn't want her to start suspecting that I was actually using something to the point where I needed to keep defending myself.
Anyways, later on during that day I decided that I should tell her the truth about the fact that I've been using steroid creams this whole time (before I moved on to using the products that I'm using now which are thankfully non-steroid ones of course) so that her and I won't need to get into a fight anymore, and also so that she won't have to think that it was because of the "foods" she thinks I've been eating.
Plus during this whole time (until the day I had to tell her about the truth), she noticed that the areas on my skin disappeared and then reappeared from time to time so she thought that it was because of the food she thought that I ate this whole time (when it isn't, it was actually because I've been using steroid creams) and at that time we would get into a fight many times.


Initially she didn't want me to use steroid creams even though I had to keep hiding them from her until recently I found out that using steroid creams especially for a long period isn't good for your body in the long run etc. so I knew I had to stop using them completely and throw them in the trash.


And that's when I turned into using the non-steroid products that I'm now grateful for and that I'm glad that I've been able to discover with 4 weeks ago! 

During my talk with her, I had to tell her that the products I'm using now have 100% natural ingredients in them as well as the fact that many many customers that have bought these products have gotten the best results from using them and that she needs to allow me to use them if she wants my skin to be cleared especially in a short period of time. Since then, she has now accepted it! It feels like a huge relief having to tell her everything that I've been hiding from her this whole time because if I kept holding it in then obviously it's gonna create more continuous anxiety for me. So I'm glad that I was finally able to do so. It definitely wasn't easy for me to do this at all but it was worth it at the end!

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