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Hi @Eggplant_Bee


Welcome to ReachOut’s Youth Forums.


I can hear you are feeling really worried about your girlfriend right now and want to support them the best you can. They are very lucky to have someone like you to open up to about the struggles they are facing. I also hear you feel you don’t have anyone to speak to about this, I am sorry you cannot seek support from your family and friends right now. That must be very isolating for you, we are so glad you found the forums.


I read that you would like to move into your own home so that your girlfriend can join you, I am curious if you are in a position to move out soon? You may like to read about moving out of home here for some tips.


I also wonder if you are concerned you or your girlfriend may be at risk of homelessness? If that is the case I want to let you know there are services to support you to find crisis accommodation. We have an article here that links to the relevant services in each state. We also have a collection of articles relating to 

domestic and family violence that you may like to pass onto your girlfriend as it sounds like things are really difficult for her at home right now.


I will send you through an email soon, please look out for it 😊

Who rated this post