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What's your opinion on the connection between tenderness and emotional resilience?

I have never done any proper research on this topic. Still, I'm curious about the opinion of our community on this topic, and maybe some of your experiences as well (only if you're comfortable enough to share thou). 

I've been studying topics regarding mental health since I was in middle school. "Embracing your emotions" is one of the most common terms that I've been seeing quite a lot. I'm also learning to be as gentle to myself as possible, but sometimes my family's opinions are quite the contrary. I mean, my parents, my older brother, and my aunty all rose from hardships and difficulty, so they sort of learnt to tough up and sweep away the pain to keep going. But I don't really think that's the case for me. I'm considered quite sensitive, probably the most sensitive member in my family. I let my emotions out easily and I really want to learn how to correctly embrace it. I can rationalize things pretty well, it's just that I always take a bit more time than the members in my family to process my own emotions. I mean, I thought I knew what I was doing, but sometimes seeing my family being worried because of me is just kind of sad. They want me to be more resilient by "toughing up" and "don't cry for such a long time over something". I'm at the kind of age where everything is confusing right now, not old enough to be called an adult but I'm also not a teenager anymore, I don't really know whether toughing up or taking time for my own feelings is the right choice to succeed in life. I'm feeling pretty fine, just to clarify, I just I wanna ask for your thoughts on this topic. Thank you for listening hehheh:)

Who rated this post