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Hi @frogonthelake👋 Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this topic! It's clear that you've put a lot of thought into understanding your own emotions and how they fit into the context of your family's experiences. I imagine it can be challenging when there's a difference in the way emotions are approached within your family.


It's great to hear that you are actively working on embracing your emotions and being gentle with yourself. It's so important to recognise and honour your own emotional process, even if it differs from others in your family. Each person's journey is unique, and what works for one may not necessarily work for another.


It's understandable that your family may have developed a resilience through toughening up and pushing through difficulties. However, sensitivity and taking the time to process emotions are valuable traits too. It's okay to take the time you need to understand and process your feelings, this is actually a really healthy way to cope. You also mentioned that you can rationalise things well, and that's a huge strength. I guess it’s not about one approach being right or wrong but finding a balance that works for you 😊


I wonder if it could be worth having an open conversation with your family about your perspective and the importance of allowing you to process emotions? Helping them understand that your approach doesn't necessarily mean you're not resilient, but rather it's a different way of coping, might help foster some  understanding and acceptance for your differences. 


Thanks again for sharing!

Who rated this post