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Hey @frogonthelake

I really like this topic, thanks for bringing it up. I'm a bit like you, I'm a pretty sensitive person, probably more sensitive than some of my family members but when I go through hardships I can be resilient which I like. For me even if I don't let out my emotions, people can just see it on my face or through the energy I'm giving off. However, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being sensitive, it is actually a very endearing trait, and it also means we can be very caring and kind. They sometimes say being sensitive is like a superpower and it's a sign of strength. 


I think it's more important to feel and embrace your emotions rather than just "toughing up", but there are ways to deal and manage with your emotions and become resilient, which I'm still learning myself. I'm wondering though, would you consider yourself an empath? Because I can relate to some things you say and would say I'm an empath.



Who rated this post