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Hey @frogonthelake


It’s really hard being sad with everyone worried about you. It’s great that you’re learning how to be gentle with yourself! It’s a difficult skill to learn but it’s very helpful.


I was a very sensitive kid. Most of my extended family would make fun of me and so would some of my immediate family and even teachers. People would purposely upset me and then tell me I’m a cry-baby or just act like they didn’t know what they were doing. Ultimately, I got really good at ignoring my feelings and being ‘tough.’


But now I really struggle to cry in front of people because I’m still scared that they’ll mock me or yell at me or something. I don’t think it was worth it honestly. I wish I remained sensitive. Only good thing is it made me work hard to ensure that people to feel safe around me and make them know they can feel whatever they want. So yeah, I’d go for being sensitive.

Who rated this post