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Hey @frogonthelake

Being sensitive isn't a bad thing. I am a sensitive person and I did view it as a bad thing, I eventually thought about it that I feel my emotions more strongly than others which isn't a bad thing. This has made me more empathic to others and more aware of what others might be feeling but also recognise my emotions quicker. I definitely find it is better to accept and embrace my emotions than toughen up because they can be processed and not suppressed. Ultimately I feel better. 


I remember doing research for an assignment in high school and I came across this Orchid and dandelion phenomenon it really stuck with me. Basically people particularly children can fall into being an orchid or a dandelion (there is a third but I can't remember). A dandelion is someone who can flourish under most circumstances and an orchid is someone who given the right environment will flourish these are generally environments they are supported in and they can be seen as sensitive. The third is a mix of both. I often found I was more of an orchid under the right environment and the support I am able to flourish, otherwise, I am sensitive to the environment around me and crumble. I think sensitive is better because you are also able to create the support you need to flourish. 



Who rated this post