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What is an impactful event that occurred this year? What did you learn/how did it help you grow?

Hi everyone, 


I'm thinking that with the year about to come to an end, it might be fun to reflect on any significant events that occurred this year in your life. Ideally, it's an event or memory from this year that was emotionally impactful in a positive or moving way and led to some personal growth or realization. 


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I'll start: (Thanks to anyone who actually reads the whole thing 😊)


I went to anime camp this past weekend and had an unbelievable amount of fun. (The anime camp involves the anime societies from local universities) I say unbelievable, because everyone I interacted with just seemed so nice, inclusive, and non-judgmental. There were a fair amount of people at camp (maybe 50-60?), and usually when I am with a large amount of people I expect to not get along well with some people. I may have just gotten lucky, to be honest. In fact, I was so excited and happy at camp that I kept reliving the memories after I went back home. I then shared what happened with close friends and my parents, and happened to watch some youtube videos where university students were singing in their dorms and were about to graduate......and thats when I realized.....


I was so pleased about camp, because it truly represented what youth is, and what older people mean when they look back at their younger days with nostalgia and envy. The camp experience made me understand why youth seemed such a prized and valued period of life by older people. Hanging out with different people, staying up to play billiard and teamfight tactics, going over to other people’s rooms, having competitive tug of war sessions, frolicking in the pool, try-harding at scavenger hunt, playing cards and laughing…….all of these things somehow conveyed the youthful spirit: a pure and innocent pursuit of fun/pleasure with lots of energy and eagerness.

It was my very first camp experience, and I must say it’s such a nice ending to my undergraduate university experience. We are young!

Who rated this post