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Hi @No_eye_dear 


I can understand that you are feeling really anxious about this, but I want to say that it is really amazing that you have decided to address this situation 😊. I want you to know that you are not alone and that it is definitely ok to feel this way and many people who have gone to a gender exclusive school do have this experience. Personally, throughout school I found myself being able to form friendships with girls more easily than boys. So I really understand how this may feel as my goal in 2023 was also to try and form more friendships with boys.


If possible and only if you feel up to it, try and speak to a girl in person rather than online as you will be able to see her body language and tone of voice which might be difficult to figure out over text. You can do so at work or university if they put you in groups for assignments and try to actively engage in the conversations when you get the chance. 


Some tips which I can give you to help initiate conversations with girls are:

1) Ask questions like how are you going, what are you studying and how are you finding your course at university. This will help you seem interested in having a conversation with her.

2) Talk about your interests, maybe you might have something in common!

3) Make sure to have eye contact and try to make your conversation have purpose, so she feels that she wants to reply to you.

4) Most importantly, don’t feel embarrassed to be yourself! I know I was definitely feeling nervous and embarrassed at the start, but at the end of the day it is really important to be yourself when you are having a conversation with anyone.


Also, have a look at this article about conquering social awkwardness, it might give you some other ideas too!


Good Luck 👍 You got this!! I know that this might seem really daunting at the start but once you start putting yourself out there when comfortable, you will definitely start seeing the difference! 

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