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AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

D: Disaster is afoot! 


I may be an adult, but I am utterly terrible at decision making and general adulting. Smiley Tongue Basically, my dilemma of the day is that this new family I will be tutoring wants the earliest time to be 5pm on Tuesdays, and if I make the tutoring session go for 1 hour, that means it finishes at 6pm, which also happens to be when ju jitsu starts... Smiley Sad 

I just don't want to adult anymore. The other time that was best was Saturday mornings, which is tai chi so that would be hard too. Unless I did it at 8am or something but ugghhhhh it's too late I already said tuesday and the family is okay with the one day I need to do at 6pm. 


Does anyone else have these kinds of problems? It's not fun being an adult who can't adult Smiley Tongue

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

@N1ghtW1ng this sounds frustrating indeed! I don't have much advice as I rarely have things clash in my hermit life Smiley Tongue but when I do they are easily sorted. This sounds trickier and thus out of my depth of knowledge. I'm interested to see what others say / how we can work around this...

Is it possible to take ju jitsu/tai chi at a different time or is that the only time they offer?


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Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

@N1ghtW1ng sounds like you have a lot on! 


I actually tutor as well and so can totally relate to the difficulties of squeezing in your students with other evening-based activities - why is it that everything always happens in the afternoons/evenings?! Is there any chance you could ask the student's family if you could start at 4.45pm and then finish at 5.45pm? If you explained your ju jitsu commitments do you think they'd be happy to make that slight 15 minute change? I think it's definitely reasonable to ask, so I hope they're able to make an adjustment for you, you're the one helping them by offering the tutoring service Smiley Tongue


In terms of managing commitments in general I find prioritising and working out what is really intrinsically *important* to me helps a lot! Especially when growing up seems to come with so many different responsibilities Smiley Mad It sounds like ju jitsu is a pretty important (and enjoyable) commitment for you, so where does your tutoring sit relative to that? Smiley Happy

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

Thanks @Bee, there's no changing tai chi or ju jitsu, although ju jitsu is also on Thursdays plus the tutoring is only half an hour away so it's not like I can't do any ju jitsu. It's just... difficult because I don't like sharing things very much and it's hard to adult.

@rose13 thanks for the suggestions Smiley Happy I'm very, very bad at conversations so asking to start earlier would be really uncomfortable for me, plus the family picks their kids up and gets home between 4:30-5pm so... earlier would probably be a tad difficult and I don't want to ask. Tutoring is my only source of income at the moment, I just need to get over it, to put it in a not-nice way Smiley Tongue

The biggest thing is just trying to organise things with other people. I love organising and I'm pretty good at it (not that I follow through Smiley Tongue) But when trying to organise with other people... I'm not the bes conversationer Smiley Tongue

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

@N1ghtW1ng It's great that you enjoy organising and feel you're good at it! You'd have to be organised to juggle those different commitments like work and sports activities Smiley Happy It sounds like the tricky thing for you is when you have to organise or liaise with other people. Is there a particular aspect of conversing with other people that you find difficult? 

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

Yes @N1ghtW1ng!

I feel this post so much Smiley Sad 

I'm currently trying to coordinate two jobs and working on my thesis and at this stage it looks like I might have to work 6 days a week Smiley Sad 

Adulting can be so challenging at times! 

I'm going to sit down and look at my schedule book and think about my options to see what my best situation can be. 

What would be the best situation/outcome for you?

Please keep us updated! 

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

I don't really want to talk to them about it @missep because I'm an awkward loser Smiley Tongue BUT it'll be fiinnnee, I'm sure Smiley Tongue I start in two weeks and I'm excited Smiley Happy
Good luck with your schedule book, coordinating two jobs sounds tricky, especially when working on a thesis! (Which is a really long essay or something, right? Smiley Tongue)

@rose13 I am not very good at conversing with people, it's just the way I am Smiley Tongue

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

@N1ghtW1ng, I'm awkward too! I don't like confrontation or anything like that Smiley Tongue I'm glad you're excited! I'm sure it will all work out in the end Smiley Very Happy 

Thank you for that! It has been tricky especially since I don't want to let anybody down but I'm trying to also make sure I am taking care of myself and don't overload myself. Haha pretty much! A really long essay with own research ahhhh but I'll be okay haha.

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

I can barely survive a regular essay, good luck on your thesis @missep! Smiley Very Happy You're so right about taking care of yourself, hopefully it all works out for you Smiley Happy

Re: AHhhh dilemma upon dilemma

Thank you @N1ghtW1ng!

How have you been feeling about everything? Has the situation ameliorated for you since we last chatted?