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Currently lacking a clear direction in life

I am 24 years old and I'd like to give myself a nudge towards finding a career path that I can persue with vigour. I've made some attempts to find direction, such as reading this article from Wait But Why, and it has helped me better understand myself and my goals. In the last few months I dropped out of a design course at TAFE and stopped doing stand up comedy, a path I've been pursuing for over 5 years. I am happy with the decisions I've made, and now I'd like to build on my progress by spending more time researching both my inner world (to find out what is truly important to me) and the outer world (to find out which career paths are actually sustainable). I would like to have discussions with like-minded people, and possibly start a groupchat on discord, in order to have a group that holds eachother accountable, since the task of self-discovery and finding direction is much harder to get into than Netflix and Youtube bingeing! 


Does anyone else have similar goals of discovery? If not, I'm interested to know, on a scale of 1-10, how certain you feel that the path you are currently on is right for you.


Re: Currently lacking a clear direction in life

Hi @hobojohnson,


Creating more clarity with career direction, and more generally life decisions, is a topic we see a lot on the forums- you are definitely not alone! Making big life decisions, career and study changes, and learning more about the young adult that is emerging can be really tough, but also really empowering! It sounds like you have started this process of questioning and exploring; coming from the angle of understanding your inner and outer worlds is really valuable and I really admire your self reflection!


The process of personal discovery is a big journey, and I would love to understand a bit more from your perspective what the turning points were for you to make this change and rethink your future goals?


Looking forward to hearing from other community members who can relate!


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Re: Currently lacking a clear direction in life

Thanks for the support! The big turning point was the realization that I wasn't actually locked into anything, combined with letting go of the need to be validated.  Once I stopped caring about being seen as a funny guy, either by local comedians or my idols, then I started realizing that I don't actually enjoy the artform that much, and so I stopped going.