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One-sentence stories

Hi guys! I decided to start a post/thread (I'm pretty new so I don't know how this works that much) on an idea I have seen before in a travel book.


It's called one-sentence stories. The aim of the game is that each time someone adds to the story with one sentence.


Try to make the story as long, happy and weird as you like!


To start us off, here's the first sentence:


Splash, splash, the water exploded around me.


Have fun!


Mizzy Cat Very Happy


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Re: One-sentence stories

Hey @mizzybooklover 

Love this!  And your story is great - do you do much writing??


Okay I'll have a go - 

The branch, once swaying in the wind, now lay on the ground as a home to moss and flowers.

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: One-sentence stories

@gina-RO, yes I do. I won my primary school's writing competition in Year 6, but I don't know if there is one at my high school. I also write for fun, and try to enter lots of competitions to improve!


Tiny ants the colour of ebony crawled over the grass and flowers, slowly trekking through the field.


Re: One-sentence stories

This is awesome @mizzybooklover Smiley Happy I thought I might move it into Games with all our other gaming threads Smiley Very Happy

The witches couldn't believe their eyes, all their books were being destroyed carelessly by savages.

Re: One-sentence stories

Thanks! I didn't realise that Cat Wink


Ruby and amber flames licked the piles of books along the grass, the ants scattering and the flowers wilting.


Re: One-sentence stories

Picnics were a bountiful source of food, for those who knew how it find them.