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Re: Adult Bullying

Hi Fi, welcome to Reach Out.


I'm not familiar with the case you are talking about, but bullying of any form should not be tolerated. You should be proud of yourself for speaking out and reporting any incidence of bullying.


You said the real problem is that nobody is going to help, which I don't believe is true. In Boo's case, the person harrassing her by putting up a fake profile is clearly breaching Facebook's guidelines and will be deleted. It's been my experence that the Facebook administrators can take varying lengths of time to action a report of abuse, but they do eventually action it. Since I am not familiar with the incident you are talking about, I can't say for sure that it's a breach of policy and if it isn't, that may be why Facebook hasn't stepped in.


It's against our community guidelines for anyone to provide legal advice here on Reach Out, but if you would like some legal advice Sophie posted some great links to support services: 

 LawAccess 1300 888 529.

Re: Adult Bullying


So I don't at all understand why you're so against going to the police. It really sounds like a step you need to take. With your talks of something happening, it sounds like you could be about to do something that may end up in the police becoming involved, wouldn't you rather they were on your side?
Anyway, I'm not going to push it, I just think it's an important option.

With the facebook accounts, everyone who has been made a friend by them you need to let know that it's a fake account. Tell all of them to defriend the account.
If this person ends up unable to get anyone to be friends with them on facebook, whether they continuously get reported/deleted or not, they will stop using it. There's no point in it if they'll have no audience.

Re: Adult Bullying

Hi Fi


Thankyou for your post. I feel it was good for you to get all that off your chest, after what seems to be something you have been going through for some time. I have to agree with you on some of the points you made about any reporting falling on deaf ears, after all its only bullying i am talking about and when you think i had an experience with a person who called himself ( a man), running at me and pushing me so hard i fell on my arse but not before travelling through the air first before hitting the ground, then when i went to get up he pushed me down again, when i finally did rise to my feet he punched me in the face and broke my jaw. My point i am bringing up in saying this is......After severely injuring me and assault, we went to court and he walked away without a charge or blemish against his name......i came away thinking WTF.....if he can get away with shit like that...then are right, my bullying case has been and will be, left by the roadside no one gives a shit...afater all its only bullying, people are prob thinking come on grow a back bone dont be a baby rise above it, simple thing is..I sometimes can't rise above it because it keeps pushing me down into that dark hell hole and while i am in that so called hell hole..i aint rising above saddens me to core to think ANY authority or authority figure can let people get away with only thinking is they possibly see it as....culling of the human might be saying what the hell.....if anybody watches the news they will have seen reports on suicides from people and young teens and kids who have been constantly bullied..if they can keep the population from exploding to massive proportions of over population...then let bullying continue..after all from statistics....we ARE living longer..well some of us are and in my opinion...the wrong people IE the bullies and criminals and anyone who has the lack of respect courtesy love and compassion who is able to stand up straight and hold their head high and say, yes i am those things and probably more. NO i am NOT religious i just believe in being respectful and courteous to your fellow human being and that people is WHY i am hurting so much for beiong bullied, it so goes against my grain. 

Thankyou for all your replies coming in, i appreciate it.


Re: Adult Bullying

Hi ElleBelle


I see what your saying RE: facebook and their slow moving acts.....poor people at facebook central their haeds must be spinning at all the times i have reported these accounts, and yes they do eventually get deleted by facebook central i am sure BUT, as soon as they are deleted new ones magically appear, same profile pics and same names and same bullshit posts, and that is where the never ending Battle is, constantly trying to keep up with it is mentally and physically draining me to the point of exhaustion, then theirs the crying, sleepless nights, mood swings of anger, hoplessness, wanting to hurt this person and yes if i did i would be the one dragged before the court and have the book thrown at me..what a sick society we live in. 

Facebook really needs to get their act together and stay on top of this shit as i know i am not the only one that would be getting bullied and from what i have experienced so far since this all starting in Oct 2012...its pointless absolutley pointless...someone do correct me if i am wrong..i would love to hear some story of success somewhere, surely their has been and if so i might start to see that little tiny light everyone says can be seen from the end of the tunnel because at the moment my f#@$&#g tunnel is a trillion miles long with no fore seeable end......NOT YET anyway.

Re: Adult Bullying

Hi Boo,


If you have had a poor experience with getting justice from the law in the past, it's easy to become discouraged. If the person bullying you knows that you are unlikely to go to the police, there is a good chance they will continue to harrass you.

Many police forces have a specific division for cyber crime and will be able to stop this bullying much more effectively than Facebook can, as there will be very real legal consequences for breaking the law. You may also be able to apply for an order of protection from this person.

If you are uncomfortable about going to the police, it's important that you contact the legal advice organisations provided earlier in the thread, as they may be able to supply you with an advocate who can come with you to the police and ensure you're doing everything possible to receive action.


Don't stand for bullying. I urge you to take the appropriate action and get legal advice.

Re: Adult Bullying




I am so sorry to hear of the stituation you are in. It is so awful what you going through.

Is the bullying still occuring??




Re: Adult Bullying

Hi Jane123


Thankyou for your message. At the moment things are on the quiet side RE: bullying, but that doesnt mean its over, the person who is bullying me seems to go through stages of going quiet, then they start up again. I feel they are luring me into a false sense of security by getting me to think they have forgotten about me and its at that point i begin to relax then they start up again. It is that type of behavoiur that just about sends me over the edge to a point of no return.

I have been to police who said theyc ant help as its a civil matter so they pointed me in the dircetion of the court magistrate and legal aid who also said they can't do much as I dont have enough proof even though I have a folder full of crap from this particular person, so i came away feeling like a number or possible statistic on the board of suicides.

In saying that, this quiet time i have had from the offender has made me gather my thoughts and have me focused on the future, in finding work hopefully and i am studying and am also a very very proud mum who is focused on her sons unbelievable acheivements, all this rolled into one gives me the confidence to give the offender the proverbial finger, next time they raise their damn ugly head. I see my life is more important than theirs and they WILL NOT bring me down, with the help and love of my friends I can finally see that damn light at the end of the tunnel and they have helped me to "map" out my life with nothing but positive and good things.