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Re: Anger problems.

@khaleesi_18 Today, I was on a time frame. I had a place to be at a certain time and I couldn't devote any time to the strategies BUT a strict time frame was a bit of a help in itself because it didn't leave me any time to stew, I had to keep going. It also wasn't a big anger, more a majoy irritance because it's the second time this has happened so it annoyed me.

I want to be able to handle the feelings better. To not get so angry. I think the next time the angry feeling come, I will have to write it down exactly what happened so I can figure it out a bit more because I'm struggling to remember anything about the feelings, like what exactly happened beforehand, only the horrible anger.

Re: Anger problems.

@N1ghtW1ng it sounds you've realised that your anger has become a bit of a problem, and learning to manage the angry feelings better is really important to you.


Having a structure and keeping busy can definitely help with managing the feelings, especially when you're in a rush so there isn't time to work up to feeling super angry.


That sounds like an awesome idea! It can be difficult to think clearly when we're angry, and sometimes we can get tunnel vision from the overwhelming feelings. That way you can reflect on the feelings after you have calmed down.