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Re: [SLOW-MO GR] All About the Drought! 11-17 Feb

I'm loving the discussion about this topic everyone! SO great!


I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to log in this week and participate, my week got crazy


Monday- How were people affected by the drought?

Lots of different people were affected in different ways, from not having enough rainfall to ensure their crop yielded decent results which in turn caused financial stress and worry. I also imagine farmers who had cattle or other animals would have struggled to keep their animals hydrated and out of the hot sun! Sometimes there isn't enough shady areas in the paddoks for all of the animals to keep cool which could result in heatstroke or death in some circumstances.


Tuesday- What can we do to help? E.g. how do we raise awareness and what kind of foundations can we donate to? 

There are various ways we can help, @gina-RO linked in a few different charities we can donate to if we're able. But also shopping and buying local produce, I live rurally so I often get farmers at the local markets selling their grown fruit and Veg, and it's often cheaper than the big supermarkets! And we know it's local so why not Smiley Happy


Wednesday- What were some ways you saved water? Do you still follow these now? 

I only wash my car when it needs and I do this on the lawn. Most of the time I barely use anything other than water to wash it so the water helps water the lawn Smiley Tongue I also take short showers and only wash clothes when I have a full load, same with the dishes. I won't fill the sink full if I don't have to!


Thursday- Should we be planning for future droughts? How can we do this?

Absolutely YES! I think by saving water and being mindful of what we use and porbably storing water in damns etc.


Friday- How does vast environmental changes such as droughts affect the mental health of Australians? Who are most affected? Why? 

Droughts can affect mental health of Australians in a negative way and result in depression and anxiety from the worry and stress drought brings. I think farmers and their families are most affected.


I have a couple of photos I wanted to share that I took on my phone especially for this GR. I took these back in October 2018 (I think, roughly)

In the first one you can see that the top of the channel has started to erode under the surface. But also look how dry the ground is!



This photo shows how dry it also is. Yes there are clouds that look like rain clouds but don't be fooled, we didn't get any rain from those sneaky clouds! Smiley Sad


Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart