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Mindfulness Mondays

Hey everyone,


Thought I'd start off the week off with a little bit of mindfulness - something we know about i.e. WHAT IS, but many of us fail to DO, or HOW TO. 


So on Monday (or any other day of the week), take the time to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and notice your surroundings, but also try point out anything that seemed different from "normal"


For example, today I was squatting outside in the heat and flies were coming after me. What was different were the flies - I squat outside regularly and never had flies around


Anyways, if you can, share what you noticed and what you noticed was different from the usual


Note to self: I suck at living in the moment, but I can BE better






Re: Mindfulness Mondays

This is great! I need to practice living in the moment too


Even though I am replying on Tuesday - yesterday I went and sat out on my balcony and actually looked around at the people walking below. I never usually go out there just to sit and be present but yesterday I decided to. It was so interesting to observe all the different types of people and families that walked by 

Re: Mindfulness Mondays

I love this new thread! Mindfulness is such an important skill to build, but many times we simply move on with life without actually acknowledging our present. 

Today, I went outside for a quick workout and then a walk to cool down. Normally, I would have my music on and be in my own little bubble, but I decided to turn off the music and really listen to my surroundings. Noticing the rustling of the leaves, the breeze, and the sound of cars in the far distance.