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What music do you listen to?

 Name artists/bands or songs or genres. Doesn't really matter just say what music stuff you listen to!♪♫♬


I'll start; I like the genres ethereal, electronic, indie and alternative pop. Some artists I really love are Grimes, Poppy, P!nk, Montaigne, G-flip and K.flay. Songs are hard to pick but I love We appreciate power by Grimes, Here comes the weekend by P!nk, Kill v maim by Grimes and Bad vibes by K.flay.

Re: What music do you listen to?

i listen too all kinds of music but is it weird that if i don't listen to music i get very moody? its like my drug and i'm addicted... it brings me happiness when my favourites are on and i can't help too scream (of happiness lmao) or just sit there with a huge smile on my face.