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I have anxiety and I could really use some feedback or advice

Recently my friends accused me of saying all these mean things like that I was better than them and prettier than them or whatever while I was DRUNK. They had previously stopped talking to me and hanging out with me completely. Then months later, they invited me to a party which I drank a lot at. I don’t remember saying any of the things they accused me of and the only thing I do remember saying is that I thought they maybe hated me because their guy friends/boyfriends sometimes gave me a lot of attention, and I didn’t ever want them to feel bad about themselves. I had also told this to another friend when I was sober saying that maybe they didn’t like me because of the attention I was getting. So now they post about me saying that I think they are ugly, and that I’m psycho for telling my friends that I thought they were lying about the other things that they think that I said. I had talked to a lot of people about it, because it made me feel so bad. I have a bad habit of going to people when I’m worried or feel bad. They got into a big argument with me and started telling me I was fucked up, crazy, a bitch ETC. Now they message me telling me I’m an awful person and that I talk so much crap about them to my friends, and I did admit saying things to my friends. I admitted talking about them to people. I also even apologized repeatedly for if I caused them to feel bad about themselves cause that’s the last thing I meant to do. They told me that I was just trying to play the victim and that I am crazy. Anything I say they twist it completely even if I say that I don’t mean it rudely. Now I consistently have panic attacks because I feel like I’m a bad person, and consistently cry. They post things a few times a week on Twitter and Snapchat talking about how crazy I am. All my other friends say that they are jealous trashy people and that I’m just too nice, but I still feel in the wrong. Do you think I did anything wrong?

Re: I have anxiety and I could really use some feedback or advice

Hi @Haileyw22, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that post here with us. It must have been really hard for you to get all your thoughts out. Just so you know, we moved your post into an area of the forums called 'Tough Times'. Some content in your post might trigger other users so this area is best for 'tough' posts. It protects both you and the community! Heart It is really not okay for people to call names or post nasty things online. It is not the best way to handle the situation, even if you have hurt their feelings. Would you consider blocking or hiding these posts from your friends? It sounds like even if you try to explain how you feel, your friends don't listen and change what you say which is unfair. Have you been able to talk to any adults about this situation or your anxiety? Smiley Happy

Re: I have anxiety and I could really use some feedback or advice

I’m 19, and I have tried to talk to parents or any adult in my family. They
just tell me to get over it, and that it’s not a big deal. They tell me
that I’m over exaggerating about my anxiety, but it eats me up and when I
think about certain situations I just want to puke. I also obsessively
think about a situation for days or weeks on end, which I don’t think is

Re: I have anxiety and I could really use some feedback or advice

Hey @Haileyw22 , that must be really hard to be told by that your family, especially after you've taken the courage to reach out to them. 

Anxiety affects everyone differently, and it sounds like it's been really tough for you. 

Is there anyone else outside your family that you could speak to about this that might understand?  

It might be a good idea to connect with some support for the anxiety you're feeling - have you ever tried to link in with a counselor, or psychologist? A good place to start is speaking to your GP, or to a local headspace centre. What do you think? 




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Re: I have anxiety and I could really use some feedback or advice

Hey @Haileyw22 Smiley Happy

How have things with your friends been this week? What do you think of @gina-RO's idea of talking to someone about your anxiety? Heart
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