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Is This Normal ?

Is it normal Not wanting to get out of the house because you feel anxious and  insecure  About yourself and worried that you will have a panic attack? Is it Normal feeling strong emotions such as Happy, Sad, Anger etc ? 

Re: Is This Normal ?

Hey @Dleehy2002, I noticed that this post is quite similar to your other post here on anxiety and stress. Did you get a chance to look at the resources mentioned in @mrmusic's reply? I moved your previous post and this post to the Tough Times section. You can check for replies and mentions by clicking the little bell in the top right of your screen if you are on a desktop computer. I think it is definitely normal to feel strong emotions at times but it depends on your situation and circumstances. These strong feelings and not leaving the house seems to be impacting your life and making you worried.. so it is worth addressing. It also must be scary to go through all of this own your own. Have you talked about this with anyone before? These are things that could be explored with Kids Helpline or your local GP or psychologist Heart


Re: Is This Normal ?

Yes I have check out the resources thank you and I’m starting to talk about this with my school psychologist. Thank you so much for your help it means a lot.