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Re: Self Talk and Self Awareness

i have many negative thoughts like 'i just want to kill myself' 'why am i here' and things like that. some things that help me with these negative thoughts is listening to music, drawing and other things. some of these negative get to m a lot and i either cry for ages or self harm.

Re: Self Talk and Self Awareness

Hey @Clarence, I'm sorry to hear about these negative thoughts - they sound like they are pretty distressing and overwhelming for you. We are here to listen and support you - you are not alone in dealing with these thoughts.


Listening to music and drawing are awesome coping strategies to use, and even crying can be a good release of emotion sometimes. I'm wondering if you've seen our coping skills thread? There might be some suggestions in there that you could try the next time you feel the urge to self harm.

Re: Self Talk and Self Awareness

Hey @Clarence,


Thank you for sharing what's happening with us, that's really brave. It shows that you really want to change how you're feeling.


Do you have any supports in your life at the moment (family etc...), and how do you think you have been going with your self talk over the past few days? Do you think we could set a goal for you to work towards?


Do you notice anything triggering your negative thoughts?