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Let's Chat: Community Safety

Heya Claire here, I am the Online Community Team Manager, which means I am super lucky to be able to support all of the RO mods! 
I just wanted to jump on say a few things, firstly you are all such legends in the way that you support each other it actually blows my mind! You all have your tough days but are always able to show some love to your other community members.
I know that sometimes community members can be feeling really low and sometimes they in crisis, which I imagine can leave you feeling stressed, worried and responsible. I wanted to reassure you all about how we make sure our community members are safe.  When it comes to people in high distress or crisis the responsibility of responding and making sure they are safe sits with RO. We have the amazing RO mods both the day and the night team who are keeping an eye on everyone and providing support. We also have a cool digital tool that also helps us identify when someone is at risk, so we can provide support, and we also have a Duty of Care Framework that guides us in how we support anyone in crisis. Whilst we are not a crisis service we totally get that for some people RO is a major support, so that's why we encourage you all to follow the guidelines so you can share what is happening in a safe way.
The team and I talk through a lot and work out ways that we can make sure our community members are safe and we also rely on you all to check in with yourselves to work out if posting on the forums is the best thing for you in that moment.
We value all of you and want you all to be safe
Cheers Claire