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Letting Instagram

Hi mods , 


Why is everyone so perfect and pretty on Instagram 😭 ?  And exceptionally white  🤔


Being on Australian Instagram makes me feel unattractive or uninteresting etc.


You have such nice beaches and music festivals.   And everyone is being all affectionate and hugging each other.


Also cars you have cars. As a bus peasant I get jelly.


South East Asia is different and would be silly to compare the entertainment scene due to our laws and customs. Letmewatchthis


Also it reminds me of how lonely I am IRL when I go to Uni.  I would participate in social events like horse races or pubs nights but being on an allowance by parents makes me very cautious.  


I actually worry people might think i have more cash than I actually do and the judging that comes with it. I get anxious when people can me rich when I defacto  dont have an income at 23 years.  


And may have  break down if someone called me out on the lines like " he hasn't worked a day in his life he doesn't deserve a beer !!!!!!!!"  * In angry blokey voice" in angry voice Then I just space out after.


Like I can  volunteer but man does it take time to build a volunteer profile in Australia. I don't know much light hearted conversation topics being from a tense country.


I'm going for a run in the arvo to not think about this so don't lay on bed thinking I'm fat  and waste a good day.


I'm feeling  fomo , envious and comparing myself.


Helpful perspectives please.


Re: Letting Instagram

Hi @BunnyWalks
FoMO is definitely something a lot of us have struggled through, I know that I definitely have. Like you mentioned, on Instagram everybody looks so pretty and perfect. What helps me though is to remind myself that Instagram for example, is a platform where you can pick and choose what photos to post and present yourself. It's a way that people can portray themselves in a desirable manner even though this might not be the case in real life. Since you can choose what to post you can make people think you live a 'perfect' life when a lot of behind-the-scenes have shown that it is not the case.
You are interesting!
And I know the feeling of not having much income, but I know that a lot of us students feel the exact same way.
It will pay off in the end Smiley Happy