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Time Management Strategies for smart phone boiis

Hi RO , 


I've down graded to a dumb phone and things are a lot calmer now.


I'm interested to see how some of you handle smart phones on this forum.


My aim is to get into bed on time these days and at the same time to learn new skills

(For me would be MYOB, excel, SQL, dabble in podcasting). I'd say I'm ambitious but not realistic right now.  


Right now I'm overloaded with Whatapps messages , calls from mum and dad, and messages from school. When all of this hits at me once I'm for shizzle over stimulated. during uni in Australia my mum and dad had 45 minutes calls at night. The call were too frequent and invasive. I failed to draw a boundaries. How can I prevent burnout and fatigue from ?


I do : 

  • practice mindfulness.
  • Deleted FB and INSTA.
  • set a do not disturb timer usually after 8. 
  • use a planner  and will be getting a calendar in 2019.




 I have considered getting a phone for family and friends.

and business and school. I'm still not organized digitally. 



Re: Time Management Strategies for smart phone boiis

Hi @BunnyWalks thanks for sharing, I think it's one many of us (if not all) will be able to relate to. Smart phones are great but can be so distracting at the same time. In fact, I can barely remember a time when we didn't have them Smiley LOL It definitely sounds like it's been overwhelming for you with getting all those messages and calls. It's great that you've recognised this has been too much for you and that you are taking action on preventing burnout and fatigue and creating healthy boundaries. Everything you listed that you've done sound like great self-care strategies Heart How are you finding it since making those changes? I make it a habit to put my phone on silent when I go to bed and I also try not to use any tech an hour before I go to sleep so I can start winding down. I also listen to relaxation music too Smiley Happy

Re: Time Management Strategies for smart phone boiis

my mood has improved from ignoring incoming messages and my concentration has improved.  with mindfulness i notice things what people are doing to me and respond calmer. 

Re: Time Management Strategies for smart phone boiis

Hey @BunnyWalks Smiley Very Happy

I'm so glad to hear that things are improving! Isn't it funny how little changes in our routine can lead to big changes in our mood?

I also deleted most social media from my phone earlier in the year, and now I only access Facebook etc. on my laptop. Do you think a compromise like that might be a realistic goal for you? Smiley Happy
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Re: Time Management Strategies for smart phone boiis

Hi @lokifish@


These compromises do help me focus.


How can I structure my days with a focus ? 


I neglect breaks. How can I make time for my hobbies and pursuits ? 


Right now I want to focus on reading, enough excercise, and podcasting. At least get one thing done at a time.


IKR this would depend on priorities at the time.


Also being realistic with limits would heaps help me out. How can I help myself decide this ? It's practice but I want to get better at them.

Re: Time Management Strategies for smart phone boiis

Hey @BunnyWalks, if you could please keep an eye on your email, there should be one coming through from us.


I can tell just how determined you are on becoming more focused. Awesome stuff! I think the easiest way to tell what is realistic for you is to just give it a go. Start with a limit that you think is super doable then increase from there. Is that 5 mins? 20 mins? Remember that progress can take time and it can be small but keep going, you will get there! You could try to focus your day on what you believe is most important to achieve for the day as a starting point. It can be really difficult at times and I don't think there is a magic trick to it except for just trying your best to stick to it Smiley Happy

Re: Time Management Strategies for smart phone boiis

Hi @Taylor-RO


Email received. I've sent a reply for clarification.