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new to vic

hey ladies and gentlemen. just moved to vic a few months ago and i'm seriously struggling to make friends or really meet people. live out of the city in a country town so there's not many things to join or many sports i'd be interested in.  getting depressed from feeling being friendless. i'd figure i'd be used to it as when i lived in queensland i was only around my ex and had only a few friends i rarely saw.  currently doing an apprenticeship trial but otherwise i'm without work if i don't get it.   used to do some Muay thai for a hobby and gym but again theres not much of that here.   what do?

Re: new to vic

Hey there @dicer93 how are you? Well done on making the big move to Victoria. Well done. You are right it's definitely a hard transition moving town's I have done it myself. ReachOut is an anonymous forum so whilst we can't be real life friends I do hope the community provides you heaps of support and ideas around finding new friends and feeling like you have some online connections to help with your wellbeing. I think you've tapped into something really great at the end of your thread around Muay Thai, these gyms are certainly great places to meet people.

You'll find too time is your best friend, it takes time but people will start to wander into your life through work/gym/hobbies naturally as the months unfold. Something I was told when I moved cities was "say no to nothing" and "ask a lot of questions" this worked super well for me, but perhaps some of the other members have further ideas Smiley Happy @safari93 @N1ghtW1ng @FootyFan26

Re: new to vic

Hey @dicer93! I was actually in a really similar situation to you at the start of this year!! Moved from a really big city to a much smaller one, and at the start I did feel pretty lonely and bored. Over time though I did end up making good friends, and I think @Bree-RO's advice is really useful in that people will eventually get close to you through work, hobbies, etc. For me, it helped to be open to different experiences in the new place, and also to make plans with people who I felt comfortable around at work or through hobbies.

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Re: new to vic

Hi @dicer93!

Thank you for sharing with us,

Moving is such a challenge! I remember when I moved and I was really anxious about everything and especially about making friends but now I'm super happy! 

I find that it's like a domino effect. Once you meet one person you click with, you tend to be introduced to people from them and so on and so on. 

It's definitely a good idea to follow your hobbies and hopefully friendships will arise from them!

Did you say that there aren't many Muy Thai places near you?

It's hard to know when you'll make a friend but please don't put too much pressure on yourself

Also good luck with the apprenticeship trial! 

Re: new to vic

hi @dicer93, welcome to vic!! I just wanted to pop in and see how things are going for youSmiley Happy


How have things been? Have you had much work with your apprenticeship?Smiley Happy