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Re: 5 things game!

seeing five things
1. my laptop
2. panda squish
3. lemon squish
4. slinky
5. stretchy dino thing
(gotta love my stimmy things Smiley Tongue)

feeling four things
1. My chair
2. this headache
3. sore throat... probably thirsty
4. is that hunger? Smiley Tongue

hearing three things
1. chatting friends
2. my fan
3. some machine in the distance

smelling two things
Can't smell anything Smiley Tongue

a good thing
I'm awake.

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Re: 5 things game!

5 things I can see


My books

My fan

My phone

My singing bowl

My bag


4 things I can feel


The keys on my keyboard as I am typing this


My bed

The heat


3 things I can hear


My fan

The TV in the living room

Music coming from my brother's room


2 things I can smell





1 good thing about myself


I'm taking better care of myself