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List your Iphone/Android Games.


1. Ski Safari.

2. Orbital.

3. Neon Zone.

4. Sports Car Challenge.

5. OSMOS HD - Definately a good game [IMO].

6. Trial Exteme.

7. Temple Run.

8. Doodle Jump.


Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

Glen how amazing is Ski Safari! Slightly addicted Smiley Wink I have it on the ipad, what's yr highest score?




1. Lexulous

2. Tetris

3. Hearts (cards)

4. Minesweeper

5. Bejeweled 2

6. Space Buster

7. Med Bells - meditation bells, not really a game but neat. 


And because I have two kids these are awesome for 2-5 yos:


- Talking Carl

- CloseMyEyes

- 1-2-3 Sheep

- Alphabet

- Matching Zoo

- rED writing

- 4-in-a-row

- Toca Boca (*all* their games are the best for kids)


Don't get me started on the ipad games... 

Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

Ooh good topic!


I mostly play online asynchronous multiplayer games. In other words, games I can play, then do other stuff while I wait for my friends to have their turns.




  1. Carcassone
  2. Ticket to Ride Pocket
  3. Ticket to Ride Pocket Europe
  4. Outwitters
  5. Hero Academy
  6. Words with Friends
  7. Song Pop

Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

My games are mostly on my ipod touch... but that's an endless list...

But I do have a few on my iPhone.....


  • Monopoly
  • TapTap
  • Nyan Cat (FAVE!!)
  • Uno
  • Scribblenauts
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Cut the rope
  • Angry Birds (HATE. Frustrates me beyond belief)
  • Temple run
  • Draw something 
  • Cat piano (not really a game, but I feel like it's worth mentioning...)

Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.


- Words With Friends

- Draw Something

- Doodle Jump

- Hangman

- The Sims 3

- Flow

- Fruit Ninja

- 100 Floors

- Angry Birds


Like dreamcatcher, most of my games are on my iPod touch...

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Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

I have 30+ games so I might just list the ones I play most.... Smiley Happy


  • words with friends
  • hangman
  • Angry Birds (3 different ones..)
  • Paper toss
  • iDragPaper
  • Runway
  • Line Runner
  • Sudoku
  • Unblock me
  • Mahjong
  • minesweeper
  • Trio
  • Fuzzle
  • LineUp 2

Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

I play just Tetris when I have some free time. Like in the train or cafe waiting for my friends.






Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

i play a bit of words with friends & song pop lately.

Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

i needed to check my phone for this:




Battle ship

Smack Gugl

Mega Run

Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots

jaws Revenge

Temple Run


Bolded ones are my current addiction

Re: List your Iphone/Android Games.

  • Temple run
  • Angry Birds
  • Launched free
  • Find a word
  • Mouse maze
  • Waterslide
  • Cluedo
  • Scramble
  • Blockmania
  • Doodle lite
  • Ant smasher
  • Pac Man
  • Bubble free
  • Tiny heroes
  • Traffic rush