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Show Your Pets!!!

so basically send in pics of your pet and maybe a fact or funny story about them!!!


just tryna distract myself from life at the moment and wanna see all ur cool pets!!


if you dont have a pet; drop down a pic/name of a pet you would like to have!!!



my dog is a cavoodle and hes super naughty but I love him so much <3

story: when we first got him he was super tiny and he would always run around our house cause we let him stay inside so he got to get to know us. the thing is he loves to sleep in tight spaces for example under the bed or a gap between the wall and a table so it would be so hard to find him. cause of this we would always end up freakin out eveytime we 'lost' him cause we had to search the entire house to find him and it was legit like hide and seek but worse!!!


Re: Show Your Pets!!!




This is Eddie Smiley Happy Eddie is a Maltese shih tzu which I call.. boof head 

A random fact about boof head is he can’t chew his food, bite things, or eat toys. He has weak and sensitive teeth so his food has to be tiny, all his toys are small teddy’s and he’s never chewed up a shoe or anything (good boy) 


another thing about Eddie is he always stares at me. he literally just woke up and is laying at the end of my bed doing you’ll never guess what.. looking at me. If there’s a room full of people he’ll be staring at me. If my parents call him, he just stares at me. 


And yea, that’s Eddie! 

Re: Show Your Pets!!!

nawww hes so cuteee!!! my puppy is super naughty and only stops biting my stuff when I tell him to stop or he'll run away with them!!!