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I have noticed a significant change in my work ethic and attitude towards learning after I moved. This may be because of many different reasons, but I feel like the cause to this change I am concerned of gravitates a lot towards the unintentional influence by the people around me. As most people around me have a negative view on learning and schools in general, I too unintentionally start to think that way. Because I am in a very small school, it is very difficult to find people with a similar mindset as me towards learning.
What could I do to strengthen my mindset and lessen the chance of being negatively influenced in my situation? Much help would be appreciated 🥺❤️


Re: Influence

Hey @MarshPillow I think you've taken a great step by sharing this with us. There are lots of people here who really value learning, so having an online community is really helpful. It's also very promising that you have the ability to reflect on the change in your study habits and why that might be - In my opinion that shows that you still have a strong work ethic as it's clearly important to you. 


It might seem cliche but it's all about having balance - we actually have lots of articles on study, in particular a good one here about getting study/life balance. 


Re: Influence

Hey @MarshPillow , I’ve just read this post, hope you are doing okay!

i completely empathise with how you’re feeling. In school I was a bit of a ‘nerd’ but I also had a desire to be popular, so it can be difficult to find the balance.

Firstly, I think the fact that you are concerned about this situation is a good sign - that you care about learning and don’t want your grades impacted. That kind of motivation I think is what will keep you going.

Secondly, are there other people you can surround yourself around as a positive influence? Or could your parents, for instance, help by encouraging you to do homework on time?

Lastly, I think sometimes reminding yourself of your future goal can help. If learning and doing well at school helps you reach that goal, hopefully it’s motivating to to do well.


These are just a couple things that helped me, hopefully you’ll be able to find what works for you to stay motivated ♥️