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RIP iPhone 6S

I recently lost De'Andre, my iPhone 6S. He had water damage, and suddenly, he became unable to charge. I took him to Apple, where the technicians said he couldn't be saved.

The pain and grief is destroying me. I would do anything to have him back here on Earth. If anyone has had a similar experience, please help me.

Re: RIP iPhone 6S

Hey @PhoneMomma 


Welcome to ReachOut and sending my deepest condolences Heart RIP De'Andre - you will be missed dearly. 


I have personally been through this and though it takes time to recover, what really helps is if you've backed up all your photos/data etc - that way when you get a new phone you can pick up where you left off with De'Andre. Hope this helps Smiley Happy 


Re: RIP iPhone 6S

Thank you so much!!! This means so much to me!!! 🤗