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Hey everyone, 

I just wanted to say thank-you to everyone who supported me through my doctors appointment on Friday.  

Well I have some news, the doctor said that I have depression and anxiety.

Re: Thank-you

Well done on getting through your doctor's appointment @cola Smiley Happy How are you feeling about being told you have depression and anxiety? Heart

Re: Thank-you

@DruidChild I feel okay about it. I kind of expected it. The only thing is that I'm nervous to tell my friends, actually I'm questioning if I should even do that.

Re: Thank-you

@cola firstly well done on going and following through with your drs appointment! That's awesome! It is completely up to you who you tell from here on. When I was first diagnosed I never told anyone, over time I have told some people but it's only those who are close and support me.

Do you want to discuss the option of telling your friends?

~~ ☆ Be yourself ; Everyone else is already taken ♡ ~~

Re: Thank-you

@Bee I have two really close friends that I have told. I tried to tell my bf about my suicidal thoughts but he thinks that it's because I watch horror movies.

Re: Thank-you

@cola I'm glad you were able to tell your friends! Well done! How did that go?
Oh dear. I haven't heard of a reaction like your bf's before.

~~ ☆ Be yourself ; Everyone else is already taken ♡ ~~
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