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need help learning to skateboard

i bought a cheap cruiser boardit was 50 dollars it’s wooen and the artwork is a beach i need help learning to ride it tho cos i only just get 2 feet on the board but get wobbly after around five seconds then jump off today i started putting both feet perpendicular and leaning in and out to control but can only go to the left tho which is leaning forward or to the left any one hav any tips so far i have not hurt myself 

Re: need help learning to skateboard

hello @eslin and welcome i cant skateboard but maybe youtube could help? @j95 im pretty sure skateboards and maybe could help..
could you ask a friend, family member or someone from school fif they could teach you?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: need help learning to skateboard

Try to put poth feet parallel and facing side ways. Have one foot on the tail and the other on the front trucks. If you are wobbling try tightening the truck (in case you don’t know how turn the board upside down and tighten the two big bolts) to turn lean left or right