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18 year old got 14 year old pregnate

I happen to know this person who im not really close with who happens to be an international student of a visa who is 18 years old and had sex with a 14 year old, an australian citizen and she is now pregnate with his child. In this situation im pretty sure its illegal right? also what will happen in this situation as he is also an international student? 

edit add in- i dont think i made my self clear, the reason im asking this is because this guy got this girl pregnate when she is only 14, and since he got her pregnate will he be arrested? althrough he is an acquaintance his way of lifestyle makes me actually wish he was deported back to his own country as he is taking advantage of australia and other girls, doing so much work and not studying when he should. From a friend i was told that he actually tries to hook up with alot of other girls among them he was also trying to hook up with a friend of mine too. Back in his country he also happens to have a girl over there which he already made her pregnate too.

Re: 18 year old got 14 year old pregnate

I am not absolutely sure, but here is a link perhaps for reference if that helps .

Also considering he is in a foreign country, it does mean that he will have to go through the legal requirements or proceedings etc of Australia regardless if he's an international student or not.

Re: 18 year old got 14 year old pregnate

Hi @maikurovo thanks for reaching out. I think the link @keezeik  provided is a good point of reference in terms of age of consent, other than that we are unable to provide any legal advice unfortunately. Just letting you know I am also going to send you an email so please keep a look out. 


Re: 18 year old got 14 year old pregnate

thanks Smiley Happy