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Anxiety Meds But No Anxiety

So my psychologist wants to start giving me anxiety and depression medication to help with the stress I experience in social situations. The only thing that is confusing is that I don't have an anxiety disorder. Has this happened to anyone else ? I've never heard of meds being prescribed to people that haven't been diagnosed.


Re: Anxiety Meds But No Anxiety

Hi @Blurryphaced,


Thank you for reaching out to let us know how you are going, it sounds like you might have some doubts about a course of treatment the doctor has recommended, is this correct?


I can hear that you are feeling confused and seeking support from others who have gone through a similar experience. I just wanted to remind you that we can't offer medical advice here about medication, but we sure can support you HeartSmiley Happy Did you raise your concerns about medication with your doctor? Would you consider getting a second opinion?


We can also refer you to some more information if you would like about your rights in relation to your mental health support Smiley Happy


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Re: Anxiety Meds But No Anxiety

Hey @Blurryphaced Smiley Happy

In addition to the stuff mentioned by @Jess1-RO, I wanted to mention that sometimes medications can have multiple uses, and so doctors will prescribe them "off label" (meaning not what they were originally developed for). For example, I've known people who take mood stabilisers (usually for bipolar) for depression, while certain antipsychotics can be used to help with sleep problems.

It's really important to chat with your doctor about any concerns you have. They should be able to explain why they've prescribed a medication. Would you feel comfortable making another appointment with them? Smiley Happy You also have the right to a second opinion if you're not happy with the explanation they give
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