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Feel like I don't belong here

I've always yearned for the skies. Ever since I was little, it has been my dream to travel through the universe, not Doctor who style, but justhe drift through and take in every inch of its brilliance. I've always felt like that's where I belonged. It hurts to be here. It hurts to see hate and anger and violence every single day. I struggle with believing in myself and making a difference in my life when I've been set back so many times. I have so many doubts about myself, my life, if I'm even good enough to be here. I kind of think I long to be free and that's what space represents. Freedom.

Re: Feel like I don't belong here

Hey @starry_night I don't think we've chatted before, so hello & welcome to RO!


I'm sorry you're hurting right now, do  you mind if I ask if there's something going on for you personally that's making you feel disconnected with the 'here and now' or is this a feeling you have that is on-going? You sound like you have lots of hopes and dreams and plenty to look forward to (travelling/exploring) but often when people are having doubts about themselves, it can feel very overwhelming...I'm wondering if you've chatted to somebody in person or over the phone about these thoughts and feelings?


Keep us posted on how you're doing!

Re: Feel like I don't belong here

Hey @starry_night,

Welcome to ReachOut! Thanks for being here ☺
@Sans-RO made some really important points and I thought I could add something.. it seems like you are feeling disconnected with where you currently belong and where you want to be (or feel connected to). It can be terrible to have this conflicting feeling and it must be very hard on you.

Is there anything that makes you belong or feel closer to space or freedom? What does it look like? How does it feel?

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Re: Feel like I don't belong here

Hey @starry_night, and welcome to ReachOut!


It can be really tricky to feel as though you don't belong, especially when self-doubt gets thrown into the mix. Is there anything you have done or that you could do to address these feelings? 

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Re: Feel like I don't belong here

Hi @starry_night, just wanted to say that I think your description of freedom is very beautiful. Although you have had many set backs, it sounds like you're someone with a lot of resilience Smiley Happy