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So in Wednesday my girlfriend attempted suicide. She is okay now. But she called me last night whilst I was with my best mate that I havnt seen in ages and I was laughing with whilst I was talking to her. So it's like I didn't really care. Now she's saying that she didn't expect anyone to care.

I need advice on what to say, can anyone help?


Re: Girlfriend

Hey jman99, so sorry to hear that. It sounds like such an intense week and that your girlfriend is going through a really difficult time. Does she have the support she needs?


ReachOut isn't a crisis service, so you should have this number on hand for your girlfriend and encourage her to call it if she needs someone to talk to.

Suicide Call Back Service - 1300 659 467


It's important you let your girlfriend know that you care. Did you explain that your friend was over, or apologise for laughing whilst talking to her?


Here's some info worth checking out: My friend is suicidal


Telling your girlfriend you've posted here on ReachOut, and are reading some information could be a great way of demonstrating that you care and that you're trying to look out for her. We've got some more info & stories here that tackle suicide too.


If you'd like to talk to someone about your situation and get some further help and advice please call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or click Emergency Info on the top right of this page.

Re: Girlfriend

Hey Jman99,

This is a terrible situation to be in but I am thankful that your girlfriend is okay. As AllyEm said, it is important that your girlfriend has support from health professionals. But it's also important that you have support as well. It's totally okay to be feeling upset or confused about what happened but it's important to talk about these things as well.

Take care of yourself and I hope your girlfriend gets the professional support she needs.

Re: Girlfriend

Hey Jman99

it really sucks about your girlfriend. it is important to let her know that you do care for her and that you are there for her because it can help her alot. i also agree with michiefmanaged that it is also important to take care of yourself aas it can be really stressful. 

have a look at this fact sheet about stress and other ones from around the reachout! website

Re: Girlfriend

Hi Jman99,


After reading your post I agree totally with JJR. Your girlfriend is clearly in need of some help mate & is probably sensitive to the slightest thing right now. Your family (including girlfriends) is always more important than mates, even ones you haven't seen for ages. And any mate worthy of being a mate will understand this. 


She needs YOU right now. And I'm sure if it were the other way around you'd want her to have the same attitude. 


I'm sorry if that sounds blunt but you asked for advice & I see an answer for you. 


If I were you I'd spend some quality time with your girlfriend & shower her with love, flowers & attntion & show her you want her alive & happy. And in a tactful way try to help her fix whatever it is that has made her feel like ending her life.