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Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

Most psychologists and psychiatrists I went to redirected me to long term psychiatric hospitalisation, due to my condition is deemed too complex for them. I have been diagnosed of complex PTSD and DID. Due to DID, other parts of me have committed suicide thrice last year. There’s high risk unpredictability and wondering what is long term psychiatric hospitalisation at an infinite period of time?


I went to the private psychiatric hospital of their intensive care unit and was not accepted also, telling me I’m deemed too severe. I have a severe trauma background, abused from childhood to adulthood. 

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

Hey @InfiniteSeries 


Welcome to the forum and thanks so much for sharing your situation with us - that takes a lot of courage!


It sounds like you're in the process of trying to find the most adequate support for your needs. It can be an onerous process at times, but worth it once you find the right support. 


Have you been in contact with any other psychiatric hospitals? Are there any that can take you on as a long-term patient? 

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

public psychiatric hospital is only limited to a local area. I’ve been there and it was very unpleasant. Had a failed suicide attempt but the staff there asked me why I’ve survived. Rang once to the crisis team and they hung up abruptly with no patience. 

I thought of private hospital but last time I was not accepted even into their psychiatric intensive care unit, as they told me I’m too high risk and have dissociative identity disorder that adds to its unpredictability. 

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

@InfiniteSeries that sounds really hard...

DID is also often misunderstood which is probably not helping you at all.


One option, if you have the energy, is try to educate them on how you should be treated, in regards to both your PTSD and DID.


You deserve so much better than how you've been treated.

What does your support system look like at the moment?


I hope you're able to find something soon. 

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

Well pretty sadly I don’t have friends to support me as I have deep seated mistrust, due to trauma (C-PTSD) background. I have a family whom I don’t want to distress them, as their distress could impact my distress. I don’t have any mental health clinicians securely right now, as some were uncomfortable to treat someone like me who had failed suicide attempts thrice, some were incompetent to dissociation and some were not comfortable to treat RA/MC ritual abuse mind control survivors like me. Most I sought who were competent were also unavailable. 

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

@InfiniteSeries that sounds incredibly hard..


I totally get what you mean about your family, mine's the same.


It can also be really hard to get support when you have a complex condition, a few of us here have had similar issues. 


How would you feel about looking into some options for support?

I can find you some resources, and it's totally up to you if you want to use them, but at least that way you've got some more options.

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

Yes, feel free to suggest resources that you have. 

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

@InfiniteSeries so I've found a few, though you may have tried them already.

This organisation is good for people with complex mental health issues, I've found them more useful than most others I've tried.

You may have already seen this, but it lets you find a psychologist based on the issues that affect you, including PTSD and DID. Another listed issue is cult involvement, and while I don't know if that specifically relates to your experiences, it might help you find a mental health professional who will actually help you.

This is a giant list of resources, including some relating to abuse, trauma, dissociation and DID.

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

Thanks tiny leaf

Re: Long term psychiatric hospitalisation

No problem @InfiniteSeries 

I hope that something there is helpful.