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Re: Nervous about re-starting school

@Taylor-RO not just yet, because my family's at home for the holidays and will ask why I'm taking pictures of my plants instead of just.. looking at them.


But at the moment I have:

Two small lots of land moss (moss is fluffy I love it),

A jar which I'm trying to grow some aquatic moss in (because underwater plants are cool but hard to grow)

A fish bowl with an aquatic plant (green ludwigia, which may have an iron deficiency, idk), a big lot of aquatic moss and a handful of tiny snails who are now my pets

A vase with another aquatic plant which may not have been fully aquatic.... oops

Two tiny cacti

A succulent bowl with a tall thin succulent, a short round succulent and an in-between succulent. The tall one was dehydrated when I got him but is doing better now.

And my first ever cutting of one of mum's succulents, which will hopefully become a new plant. 


I 100% blame the nurture a plant Weekly Wellbeing for this by the way. It reached my autistic, special-interest forming brain and spiraled out of control Smiley Tongue

I must now accept my fate as a plant parent... 


There's not much I can do about the pain other than wait for it to go away unfortunately..


Re: Nervous about re-starting school

Hey @Tiny_leaf! Smiley Happy
I was just wondering how you are feeling about re-starting school now? It would be getting closer now hey! We’re here for you tho and I hope you’re feeling and little more confident about it Heart

Re: Nervous about re-starting school

@Bananatime04 terrified but excited..

I know the teacher though, she's really nice and has looked out for me before.


Re: Nervous about re-starting school

Awh that’s so nice to know @Tiny_leaf! Hopefully she can help you feel welcomed and make the experience less stressful Smiley Happy
When do you start?

Re: Nervous about re-starting school

thinking of you @Tiny_leaf
im aware school is getting closer to starting so im wondering how your going with getting ready to go back?
I did read you were terrified but also excited,i think that's pretty normal but I definently hope the excitement takes over Smiley Happy
so glad to also read the teacher youll have is also really nice too
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**