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(TW) Bourke Street attacks + coping with terrorism

If you've been paying attention to the news over the last 24 hours, you'll be aware of a pretty gruesome situation that occurred yesterday in Bourke St (Melbourne CBD).


Police are treating it as a terrorist attack and at least one person is dead. You can read a bit more about it here (the video footage in the article is quite graphic, be warned).


I wanted to make a thread where we can talk about what happened. The world can seem like a really scary place where only bad things happen, especially in the era of the 24-hour news cycle. It's super important to take care of ourselves and remember that the news only tends to report the bad stuff.



Here at RO we have factsheets about experiencing trauma and tips for coping with hard stuff. I also want to put the discussion out to you guys: how're you feeling after all of this? What helps you cope after being exposed to something scary?


For anyone needing support right now, you can chat to Lifeline (13 11 14) or Kids Helpline (1800 55 1800).

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Re: (TW) Bourke Street attacks + coping with terrorism

how're you feeling after all of this? What helps you cope after being exposed to something scary?

I don't live in Melbourne but it definitely affected me, I watched it unfold on the news and it was really... I don't know the word... It was unfiltered and it showed what cops have to deal with day to day (Not terror, but weapons being used against them,) I'd love to hear about how this affected some of the people on RO from Melbourne?

Re: (TW) Bourke Street attacks + coping with terrorism

As someone with some relation to Islam culture wise. 


it leaves me little guilty that there is a reason people may have an assumption if I disclose this the way I look or culture origin. 


I'm in no way responsible for this in any way but man, I don't know how to help in a meaningful way.


I don't think I should comment further, mod.


Re: (TW) Bourke Street attacks + coping with terrorism

@lokifish thank you for starting this conversation - it's important to have spaces to debrief about news and events such as this one. 
Violence is confronting, and distressing - especially when we see it playing out in areas we are close to, familiar with, or have meaning to us.  


I love what you've said about the news predominantly reporting on the bad stuff - and the image you shared with headlines such as "50,000 flights safely take off and land" 0- is such a good reminder that so many good and wonderful things are happening every single day that go un-noticed and unreported.  It's the one in a million times that something goes horribly wrong that we see it on the news. 


That said, taking care of ourselves in the wake of news like this is really  important. I know for me, I have a  very very low tolerance of violence, and try to avoid any images or descriptions of violence where ever possible - as an important act of self-care, I also make sure to listen to uplifting podcasts, and read positive stories, to remind myself of all the good in the world.


Hope everyone is doing ok! Heart


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