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There's ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

I'm not sure this is the right place but I really want to get this message out there to everyone having a tough time!


I'm sure we've all lost hope at points in live, some more than others, and speaking of myself I've hit rock bottom a few times, considering myself lucky to have been fortuned with many new chances to sort things out. It's taken so much time and effort, I've been yelled at, forced to see a psychiatrist, not been aloud to be alone for more than 5 mins, there's heaps of things to add to the list of things I hated... I know being in the middle of a situation where other people try to keep you safe, and you for your life can't see it as help, because it feels like punishment (!!!) is one of the tougher things that you can go through whilst you at the same time might be suffering from unhealthy thoughts, depression or self harm!!


If anyone recognise themself in this I really want to encourage you to stick in there and keep trying your best, because you are amazing!!! Things aren't going to change over night, you're going to have ups and downs, but when those ups are starting to outweigh those downs it's so worth ALL the energy you've put into it!!


No matter how deep down you are right now, there's ALWAYS a way to the top of the clouds!! However you need to want to get there, and you need to fight for it! I think the first step is to realise you have a problem, and for a start to trust in the fact that when other people say they try to keep you safe, they do it all because they CARE!! I used to feel like they were all egoistic, and wouldn't let me give up because they didn't want to lose me, so they made me do all these horrible things to keep me alive!! I've come to realise they might be egoistic, but when I didn't have hope in my life, they carried it for me, and guided me through to the point where I was able to take my hope back and value it like the most precious thing I've ever had!!


It's been 4 years since I was at the very bottom, and I've slowly crawled myself up with the help of people around me, friends and a psychiatrist which have all kept challenging me!! I've had to learn to be proud of myself, to value the great moments in life and to manage my tougher times. With that said I still have crap nights where a part of me keeps saying how much of a useless person I am, but the difference is i've learnt to control those feelings, because as long as you only think it you can change it!!! You're not a bad person because you're feeling down or depressed, not at all, you're amazing for still taking the fight to do your best to stay safe!!!!!


I believe if I can come through to say I am better than I've ever been before then anyone can!! Because I'm not special in any way, just like everyone out there I'm a fully normal human who needed a little bit of extra support to get on the right track towards my future!! I'm hoping to get into uni next year, something I wasn't even considering last year as I wasn't ready for it. Right now I feel I am because I've learnt enough about myself to tackle on some great challenges which can bring me further towards my dreams!!!


To everyone out there, you rock and you're amazing fighters all of you!!! I promise there's always something worth fighting for! Sometimes the tunnel feels endless, or much longer than you expect it to be, but the light at the end is soooo much brighter than you can dream of!!!


Remember there's always someone out there that cares for you, and they won't give up until you've made it through, no matter how long it takes!!!

Re: There's ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Hey Sofia,


What an awesome message of strength and hope!

It's such an important part of the journey, to be reminded that recovery is possible. 


Yay you for taking the time to tell your story as a way of providing support to others. 

Cat Very Happy

Re: There's ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing this Sofia - I was smiling the whole way through reading it. You're awesome, and you're right - there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and every single one of us is strong enough to make it there. Thanks for the reminder Smiley Happy

Re: There's ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

This is a lovely post Sofia...thanks for sharing.

I know things have been less than ideal for myself.  And I get really frustrated and lost in it sometimes.  But I do know it only lasts as long as I let it.  Only it's hard to remember that all the time.