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Why do i feel so alone with my negative thoughts for COVID 19

Hi, I am Helen.


I am new to this forum, and I wanted to try it out to see how I go. Well obviously, I came here for a purpose to make myself feel better. I am not usually the person that goes through severe depression and anxiety, I usually get through it in a week or two weeks but this has gotten out of hand because I am not outside or going out to meet new people, - but I am in  self-iso at the moment like everyone else here... 

I never felt this before in my life, and it's a new feeling that is so hard to control. It bloody makes me cry.

However, Right now, I am currently going through a range of emotions. Shortness of breath and chest pains, yep exactly (symptoms of COVID 19). Every day, I am constantly worried and drawing myself into news and overthinking each symptom. I have frequent panic attacks each day - some are minor panic attacks, however, it can be worse. Also, in the back of my mind, it plays upon me if I do have it? What would that mean? Yep, I go through frequent doctors appointment each week (as embarrassing as that sounds) and they have told me it is just my anxiety - that's why the pain is there in my chest. I don't have a fever or a cough (not yet) what I mean, who knows.. honestly, this is mayhem.

Well, my psychologist says it's because I activated my flight and fight mode, and hence why the chest pains and shortness of breath are still there. 

I think what I need now is someone to understand and listen to me and understand that this is the first time that I ever felt this way. I don't want to be prescribed meds, but I just want to know if anyone else is overthinking their symptoms or feels like they have the COVID 19.. can you please let me know. I feel like I am crazy for thinking this way...

Please shoot me a reply if you know anything I can do to help me through these tough times.. or if you are going through the same thing







Re: Why do i feel so alone with my negative thoughts for COVID 19

Hello! im Samantha.

I know exactly what you mean, the physical symptoms of anxiety are very real and they can be hard to distinguish from other health conditions, ive experienced this and its so scary. Its super easy to convince yourself that something is wrong and its important to take a step back and remember that its your anxiety talking. When youre having a panic attack something I've found helpful is to calm your body down, because its difficult to work with your mind when youre feeling such strong emotions. Try to breathe deeply (I know its super basic but it actuuualy works, there's like legit science behind it) or hug a pillow. You could also make a hot cup of tea or coffee (decaf, caffeine is AWFUL for anxiety) or do something else physically comforting if you can. You are NOT going crazy for thinking this way, its so easy to get caught on a possibility and convince yourself that its true. Stay strong I promise this phase of your life will pass <3


Re: Why do i feel so alone with my negative thoughts for COVID 19

Hi @helentran12, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing. It must be so difficult to be experiencing anxiety for the first time during this virus. It can be normal to worry about whether our symptoms fit a particular diagnosis during a global outbreak. A lot of people right now are feeling scared, uncertain and worried. If this begins to significantly impact your life, it is important to seek as much support as you can. So with that being said, it is really great that you are in touch with medical and psychological support to help get you through this. Were there any tips that these professionals have provided that have been helpful? One thing that has been openly discussed is trying to limit your media consumption. Constantly reading or hearing about COVID-19 may increase feelings of anxiety, worry and panic. 


Other members have shared their experience with COVID-19 on this thread here. We also have a thread about the rainbow initiative for COVID-19 to try and lift the mood of the community Heart Please feel most welcome to contribute if you feel comfortable doing so.


Just so you know, I have also sent you an email.