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anti social

okay, so im home schooled due to being bullied and i lost all my friends when i left school.. i live in sydney and i hate not having a bestfriend.. what are someways to meet new people ? without having to go to school?

Re: anti social

Hi Livv,


Welcome to Reach Out. 


I'm so sorry to hear that you left your old school because of bullying - no one should feel as though they have to leave a school because of bullying. I'm sorry that you've lost all your friends since leaving your school. 


It's great that you want to make new friends! There are HEAPS of ways to meet new people. What are your interests? They are a good place to start when trying to find places to meet new people. Are you into sport? Could you join a sporting team/club? Are you into drama? Music? Art? All of these have clubs/groups that you could be a part of. Smiley Happy Another great place to meet people are at youth groups - you get to do heaps of cool activities with all these cool people! Smiley Happy Volunteering is also a great way to meet people. Smiley Happy


Have a look in your local paper or on the internet around your local area to see what is available. So if you are into tennis maybe type into google: tennis club, your suburb. Smiley Happy


There are two great factsheets on the ReachOut website that may help: and


Good luck - I hope you find some great, new friends soon! Smiley Happy



Re: anti social

Hey, it sucks that you've been bullied, but it's great that you're looking to meet new people. What mischiefmanaged said is pretty good advice, go out and join some groups/clubs depending on what your interests are. But I just wanted to add my opinion on what you said about not having a bestfriend. I lost my bestfriend a couple of years ago due to some complications and I haven't had another bestfriend since. It hurt a lot at the time, but I made more friends, and what I've learnt is that it's actually way more important and beneficial in the long term to have a network of friends rather than just a "bestfriend". That's not saying that having a bestfriend is bad, I thought I'd just remind you to focus first and foremost on creating a good network of friends rather than go out looking for your one bestfriend. That's my advice anyway.

Re: anti social

hi livv_

you have plenty of places to meet new people and becomes friends with them Smiley Happy

- youth groups, lots of local councils in sydney have youth committee and groups you can join
- social meet-up groups
- interest groups (clubs)
- work

those are just the ones from the top of my head

happy bestfriend hunting