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body dysmorphia caused by hair?

i honeslty don’t know how to describe this. when i wear my hair in a ponytail to school, my appearance looks odd or different and i don’t like it. when i wear my hair down, i find my appearance changes and i prefer it a lot more. i don’t know. my appearance kind of alters in my mind according to how my hair is styled but it’s more of a mental sensation. what am i going through right now? what is this?

Re: body dysmorphia caused by hair?

Hey @theactivewalrus thank you for sharing with us. That definitely sounds like an odd and disconcerting sensation. I can relate to feeling uncomfortable with certain things about my body. 


What don't you like about wearing your hair up? Perhaps it reminds you of someone, or someone criticised the way you looked like that? Or maybe you just prefer how you look with your hair down, and that's okay -  we all have preferences about our bodies and appearances. As long as those preferences don't interfere with out health or functioning, it's totally cool. 


I really like this article from The Butterfly Foundation on how to deal when you feel 'ugh' about your body image, maybe you could check it out? tips-for-when-youre-feeling-ugh

Re: body dysmorphia caused by hair?

Hey @theactivewalrus

I can deffinately sympathise about liking my image more with my hair down, compared to it being up.

@DruidChild has given a great response and I would recommend checking out that link and I've found these topics on RO which might be helpful too 🙂

Body Image & Body Dysmorphic Disorder


I hope this helps 🙂

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Re: body dysmorphia caused by hair?

@theactivewalrus it's totally okay to have preferences about your appearance. I personally have a really round face and so wearing my hair back tends to make it look even rounder.

The others have already linked to a bunch of resources - I'm curious to know what to think of them? Heart
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Re: body dysmorphia caused by hair?

Hey there @theactivewalrus, how has your week been?

I was wondering, is this a recent feeling? It's absolutely okay to have a preference about which way you want to wear your hair. Sometimes different styles can make us look different, either to ourselves or to others. Did you find any of the links shared above helpful?

I hope you're enjoying your weekend Smiley Happy